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Ask me about Fundraising $$$

 Far more profitable than cookie dough, gift wrap or candy bars. Your organization earns $8 per candle sold, that's 40% profit! Plus, our stylish Fundraiser exclusive tin with lid eliminates breakage. 




Sunset Scents was founded in March, 2020 by Cyndi and Christine. Sunset Scents is built on honesty, trust and commitment to quality. Cyndi and Christine used their knowledge and experience gained from their years working at Gold Canyon to develop a candle company that is reliable, passionate and guaranteed customer satisfied. 


Sunset Scents candles are made from a warm food grade paraffin wax blend. The wicks are cotton with a zinc core and safety collar. The Medium and Large candles are both double wicked to provide an even burn.

Large candles are 24oz and burn up to 160 hours 

Medium candles are 16oz and burn up to 100 hours

All candles are made in the USA.










My name is Irma Fisk and I have been in the candle industry for 14 years. I have sold Gold Canyon Candles in the past and I am overjoyed to be part of the Sunset Scents family now. 

I am happily married to my husband, Craig and together we have 5 kids and 2 grandsons. I am an Arizona Native and a Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant. 

I love having a home that is fragrant full to help the overall atmosphere. For me this brings a sense of peace, relieves stress and creates a warm ambience in my space. I love my daily ritual of lighting a candle.


I hope you all love these candles as much as I do! 

About Us


We take pride in our candles!
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